Nate Putnam, Co-Founder & CEO
Kyle Ivins, Co-Founder & CRO

Farmington, UT
Girl on a hike. Monumetric team meeting.
Nate and Kyle share the Monumetric story.
Making a difference in the lives of publishers

Monumetric empowers 1,800+ independent publishers and creators to monetize their content with ads. By managing the complexity of the ads space, Monumetric takes work off of publisher's plates and helps them earn more money through ad revenue. Their work provides the opportunity for creators to make money doing what they love and allows content to stay accessible for the world to enjoy. They believe that when people provide people with information, education, connection, and entertainment, it unites humanity and drives the world forward.

“We're enabling [publishers] to build a business and share passion and make them more money. That's what we do.”

About the Publisher

​​Nate Putnam and Kyle Ivins founded Monumetric in 2012 to create a better way for publishers to easily and effectively earn money with ad revenue.
Monumetric office.