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Sarah Magid, VP Network Operations

Los Angeles, CA
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Prioritizing Quality Content

SHE Media, a division of Penske Media Corporation (PMC) which is home to some of the most iconic brands in media and entertainment including Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Rolling Stone, and more, has been supporting publishers and creators since 2005. With a goal of helping publishers grow their business and a deep-rooted commitment to diversity in media, SHE Media has built one of the most popular ad networks. Publishers on their platform create content across topics like food, family, health, career, entertainment, and live media. “At SHE Media, our core is publishing, because we are publishers too,” says Sarah Magid, Vice President of Network Operations. “As publishers of our own flagship brands, we know the business firsthand putting us in the best position to help others grow.”

How SHE Media Makes an Impact

While at SHE Media - which reaches an audience of 74M readers monthly, Sarah works with a network of 5,000+ publishers and creators who can access a full range of support services including innovative monetization solutions and the expertise they need to scale.

One notable publisher, Xaviera Bryant of Ice Cream Conversations, grew her business with SHE Media’s help. In 2020, Xaviera joined SHE Media Collective with the goal to optimize advertising efforts, achieve growth at scale, and increase revenue.

SHE Media matched Ice Cream Conversations with premium advertisers and took over the logistical and technical aspects of advertising on her site, saving Xaviera time and earning her more money. With her revenue growing, Xaviera wanted to double down. She convinced her husband to leave his job and join her as an entrepreneur, “I told him we were earning a lot through ads after partnering with SHE Media and if we could double the content and double the effort it would produce even greater results.”

For Xaviera, being an ad-supported publisher is core to her beliefs. “It's very important to keep my content free because not everyone can afford to pay for content,” she says. “I want everyone to be able to access my content.”

“Ad revenue is a critical way to fund diverse voices.”
Diversity is in their DNA

When it comes to meaningful change, Sarah celebrates SHE Media’s mission and uses ad dollars as a force for good to fund diverse voices. “Empowering women and supporting diversity is in SHE Media's DNA,” she says. “Ad revenue is a critical way to fund diverse voices.” The SHE Media team has supercharged funding for women-owned and diverse-owned publishers through their Meaningful Marketplace program. “With The Meaningful Marketplace, advertisers can direct their dollars to content creators who identify as Women-owned, Black-owned, Latinx-owned, AAPI-owned, and LGBTQIA+-owned,” continues Sarah, “This empowers advertisers to meet and increase their investment in diverse-owned media, helping voices of all kinds thrive.”

It’s also a critical way to ensure all people have access to content and information, regardless of income level. "Ad revenue allows publishers to continue producing content that is unique, varying in perspective and that their audience loves,” says Sarah. “By keeping that content free, publishers ensure their content is accessible to all and that it reaches a wider audience globally."

SHE Media Does It as a Google Certified Publishing Partner

As a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP), SHE Media demonstrates what it means to be high quality controllers of inventory, content, fraud mitigation, business operations, performance and much more.

“Being a GCPP means SHE Media publishers have access to the best technology that enables them to grow their brands. Google tools and products allow us to shape the future of industry standards and prepare our publishers for it,” says Sarah. SHE Media received the Google Certified Publishing Partner DEI Driver Award for the second year in a row. The award recognizes SHE Media's industry-leading efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion among its women and diverse-owned publishers through The Meaningful Marketplace Platform (MMP).

About the Publisher

SHE Media is a leading lifestyle media company reaching 74M monthly unique visitors and is part of Penske Media Corporation (PMC). SHE Media’s flagship brands, SheKnows, Flow, StyleCaster, Soaps and BlogHer, produce award-winning lifestyle content and events that reflect the passion and purpose of the company. In addition, the SHE Media Collective supports thousands of independent publishers and content creators with technology, education, and monetization opportunities to grow their businesses.
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