El Clasificado

Martha de la Torre, Co-Founder & CEO

Norwalk, CA
El Clasificado El Clasificado
Martha shares how El Clasificado has grown and supports their small business customers.

What started out as a Spanish classifieds print company in the Los Angeles area, has blossomed into an online marketplace to help people find jobs, services, and places to live. "People shouldn't have to pay to find a job," says Martha. "So that was the idea I had for El Clasificado, something with classifieds of jobs and services that people can pick up for free."

“We’ve heard thousands of stories from small businesses who were on the verge of closing but because of advertising through El Clasificado they were able to generate enough business to not just survive but grow.”

About the Publisher

Martha de la Torre is the CEO of El Clasificado, the flagship brand of the parent company EC Hispanic Media. Founded originally as a weekly Spanish-language classified publication with her husband, Joe Badame, ElClasificado.com is now the largest Spanish language classified marketplace in the United States.
Martha de la Torre