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Tammilee Tillison

Spokane, WA
Tammilee putting a tray in the oven. Tammilee and her husband John in Spokane.
Transitioning out of a career in the corporate world

Just before the 2008 recession and 3 days before her wedding, Tammilee Tillison walked into her VP’s office only to learn that she was being let go. “I had 13 years of executive management and a master’s in business,” she recalls. “But once the recession hit, I couldn’t find another job and the unemployment office told me to be a fish processor on a boat in Alaska – not exactly the perfect fit for a vegetarian.” The transition from working 60+ hours a week to nothing was difficult for Tammilee, and exacerbated by friends and family always asking about her job status. “Rather than answering questions all the time, I started just writing on blogger and sending the link to my family,” she says. And Tammilee Tips was born.

Tammilee began writing about her newfound hobbies of cooking and DIY home improvement. “I shared how I taught myself to bake bread because it was cheaper than buying it. How I tore apart the bathroom trying to DIY re-do it,” she recalls. “My husband told me that I need to keep typing so I’d stop tearing the house apart.” Within a few months, Tammilee garnered an audience beyond her family members. “I remember the day that 25 people were viewing the site on Google Analytics - I had a panic attack,” she says. Soon enough in 2011, TLC reached out to her to be featured in the first season of extreme couponing, “that immediately grew my audience and this became more of a hobby.”

Tammilee working on her computer in her kitchen. Tammilee baking in her kitchen.
Tammilee baking and working in her kitchen.
Building a life changing business

With the site’s readership exploding, Tammilee began exploring ways to start making money from her site. “I was focused on affiliate links and then came across display advertising,” she says. “I started with Google AdSense and then eventually transitioned over to Google Certified Publishing Partner, AdThrive to have them manage my ads business. I remember the day I was approved for Google Adsense and reached the first $100 payout. I was so in awe that my blog was earning money. It truly made me realize that my posts had value.”

Since then, the site’s growth has been nothing short of incredible. “I make exponentially more money now than I did in my corporate job,” Tammilee highlights. “75-80% of our revenue is from ads and every month when the money gets deposited I’m still like ‘wow, I’m really doing this!’ It’s been life changing.”

Tammilee Tips has delighted over 3 million visitors in the last year alone and it’s gone beyond anything Tammilee could’ve imagined. “I still pinch myself because I never would have thought this could become what it is today,” she says. “My goal is to provide free content to readers that help them live their best life. From an easy recipe to real travel tips that help them maximize their vacation time. I want to be a resource that helps people live each day to the fullest.”

Tammilee has been so thrilled with her earnings from ads, she once traveled to a conference just to tell her AdThrive account manager how much they’ve changed her life.

Tammilee also stresses how important it is for people to have free ad-supported access to her content, “there’s no way I could have paid to learn how to cook or travel when I lost my job,” Tammilee says. “So to be able to provide people with that information so they don’t have to stress is really an amazing feeling.”

“My goal is to provide free content to readers that help them live their best life. From an easy recipe to real travel tips that help them maximize their vacation time. I want to be a resource that helps people live each day to the fullest.”
Tammilee working from her computer.
Expanding the business to new heights

With Tammilee Tips' success, Tammilee and her husband John have reinvested in the site and themselves. “We hired a team of women to support us with content this past year,” Tammilee says. “That’s something I never thought I’d be able to do.” And John got involved and launched his own website, ParkRangerJohn.com, which he’s hoping to turn into a full time job this year. “It’s been an incredible journey,” Tammilee says. “With the money we’ve earned from ads on the site we’ve built a house with our dream kitchen, traveled to unbelievable places, and are building two full-time jobs for ourselves.”

To keep their sites going, Tammilee and John use a wide range of Google tools. “Google Workspace makes everything so easy to access,” Tammilee says. “From my computer, to my phone, no matter where we are in the world I can tie everything together. The Google Workspace suite of tools provides me with so many helpful and accessible resources as a small business owner.” And she’s always improving the site’s content with the help of Google Analytics. “The ability to use Google Analytics to make business plans and look at what’s resonating with readers and what might need a bit of a push because it’s fallen off is just vital to the business,” she says.

Tammilee and John outside their home.
Working towards a beach house

Tammilee and John are excited for what’s to come with their websites and looking to expand to more. “We’re considering starting a third website and are just thrilled to be working with our team,” says Tammilee.

“I hope this shows people that they can really create their own destiny and pursue their dreams,” Tammilee says. And Tammilee and John have one particular dream in mind: “we’re working towards a beach house.”

About the Publisher

​​Tammilee Tillison is the owner/CEO of Tammilee Tips LLC. She runs the online publishing and business development growth for both Tammilee Tips and Park Ranger John. Tammilee started her website after losing her corporate job in 2008. Tammilee lives with her husband John and 6 rescue cats in Spokane, Washington though she is dreaming of moving to the beach. Most days Tammilee can be found either in the kitchen crafting new recipes, traveling to National Parks, or working on sharing content with her readers. Tammilee is passionate about hiring and supporting women around the world through her business.
Tammilee Tillison