Firecracker Software

Jason Stock, Founder

Spokane, WA
Firecracker Software Firecracker Software
Jason and his team share the story of Firecracker Software and take us through a day in their office.

Jason Stock was curious about building gaming apps so he bought an Android phone and started experimenting with games for the Play Store. After a popular word game launched by another company, he quickly developed and released a new app called Word Breaker. Overnight, the app saw thousands of downloads and Jason has been building out Firecracker Software's team and suite of apps ever since. "It's been incredible," he says. "We started to earn ad revenue on the apps and eventually I started making more money from this business than my day job." He's been able to build out his team over the last 10 years, and "we're now nine full-time employees divided across web, gaming, and app development."

“I kind of stumbled upon being an entrepreneur, but I'm so proud of how we've been able to grow as a company... Just seeing the business grow and helping employees buy houses and seeing them succeed keeps me coming back every day.”

About the Publisher

Jason Stock is the founder of Firecracker Software, a company specializing in developing applications and websites to help players learn and win at their favorite mobile games.
Jason Stock