RV AppStudios

Vivek Dave, Founder

Houston, TX
Vivek's daughter using one of their education apps. Vivek working from his desk.
Vivek tells the RV AppStudios story and the impact they've had on the globe.
Using ad revenue to create better education opportunities

RV AppStudios is a gaming app development company that creates fun, casual games for adults like Bubble Pop and Mazes. Their games have garnered more than 200M downloads. When Vivek's eldest daughter was getting ready for kindergarten, he tried his hand at developing an early childhood education game. After it's release, positive feedback from parents came flooding in. Since then, Vivek has developed 14 children's educational apps that reach over 30M learners each month. With the ad revenue he earns from his gaming apps, Vivek is able to use that money to fund the development of the education apps and offer them for free to anyone who needs them.

“Ad revenue allows us to reach the maximum amount of people all over the planet. When you make it free, you make it accessible.”

About the Publisher

​​Vivek Dave is the founder of RV AppStudios, a gaming and educational app development company. Vivek founded the company in 2011 and has continued to grow the team and their impact.
Vivek Dave headshot.